"We moved along the coast with difficulty and came to a place called Fair Havens."

~Acts 27:8




The Blue Room is filled with sky blue walls, clouds on the ceiling, and a flower stencil design around the crown moulding. The table and tea set is a fun playtime for children staying in this room. The room has two twin sized beds.




The Gold Room gets its name from the custom painted wallpaper design. It features a Queen sized bed with a comforter that matches the custom made drapes. A marble fireplace and marble sink top finish off the room.





The Green Room takes its name from the different shades of green that patch the walls. It features a four post king-size bed with a sitting area in front of a marble fireplace.




The spaciousness and immense beauty of this room is perfect for the bride-to-be as she prepares for her special day. The Princess Suite is fully equipped to meet the every need of the bride and her attendants. The suite features a private bedroom with a king-size canopy bed, full-length antique swivel mirror, and a full bath, complete with laundering facilities. Also included in the suite is a sitting room with an adjoining full kitchen. After the wedding, this breath-taking suite offers nothing short of a magical evening for the newly married couple.





Two private rooms are available in the cottage. Check below for details.




The cottage rests off to the side of Fair Havens and is perfect for couples who prefer a little privacy or a family that wants to have their children close to them in the room next door.


Fair Havens Plantation, 75 Old Edwards Road, Arnoldsville, GA. 30619 (8 miles from Athens, Ga) | Phone 706-208-8900